Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update:  Night at an air conditioned hotel on the Caribbean, with a gorgeous reef steps away, including breakfast and snorkel gear-  $95/night (and chances are you will have an entire beach to yourself)

Small things are often overlooked.  But in Costa Rica it’s worth looking over the small things. We have red and black ladybugs, but it you look closely, some also come in metallic green and denim blue.  A simple trip to the farmers market ends with me trying a new fruit, some with weird prickly skins that protect a  juicy plum inside.  And my favorite, enjoying coffee hand picked yesterday and freshly ground today.

Little things eventually become bigger things, like the baby turtle working his way to the ocean.  He’s small but determined, making one little floppy step at a time. This is a big day for him and another beautiful moment in Costa Rica.