Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update:  Toll 50 cents                                                                                  Verrazano Bridge Toll Connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn- $13

I’m having sticker shock while visiting my parents for Christmas.  I live comfortably on $1000/month but apparently this will not get me far in the Unites  States.  I blew $13 going over one bridge.  That’s half my weekly grocery bill and double my cell phone bill in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica if there is too much traffic the toll booth attendants wave you through for free.  I like this feature and wanted to suggest it to the Verrazano Bridge worker.  

Maybe that’s what America needs.  Just one day a year when everyone gets waved through.  It would make paying the $13 a little more tolerable.

Picture of bridge from Costa Rica to Panama. Hey, at least it’s cheap.