Costa Rica Cost of Living: Can of Friskies- $1

We are all used to little critters crossing the road.  Growing up in a urban area I’m used to skunks, raccoons, and opossums. 

In Costa Rica you get treated to more diverse animals.  One morning our outdoor sensor went off alerting us to something in the backyard.  I grabbed a bat my husband keeps by the bed, opened up the curtains, and saw a horse staring back at me.

My cat went to investigate, gave a quick sniff, and found our new neighbor was not that interesting to him.  He quickly returned to sleeping in the sun and pretending to chase lizards. An activity he seems to have perfected since moving here.

The horse stayed for a week before a teenage boy came and escorted him back up the mountain. I wished he stayed longer; a beautiful surprise and wonderful addition to my life in Costa Rica.