Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 15 ounce bottle of honey-$4

It’s common to wait for the right time in life to pursue one’s dream but sometimes that perfect moment is disguised by the fear of leaping out of one’s comfort zone. 

I am guilty of this. When it was time to make this move I came up with ten different reasons why we should stay in the states. I detailed every hair-raising situation that could happen while living in a foreign country.  And believe me, I have a good imagination.

My husband calmly listened and gave ten better reasons why this could be the adventure of a lifetime.  He reminded me that my fear was change… simply that.  And change is one of the strongest reasons why people don’t go out and grab the life they always wanted, often times hovering in the same place for years.

Hummingbirds are uniquely designed to hover in the air while flapping their wings up to 90 times per second.  Their speed allows them to dash in and out of flowers drinking the nectar with their perfectly designed bill. They keep moving forward even after the brief seconds when they need to fly backwards, something only hummingbirds can do.

My husband snapped this picture after waiting patiently for the right moment to come.  He knew it was a shot worth taking.