Costa Rica Cost of Living Update:                  Zip Line Tour $45/person

People shouldn’t be nervous when zip lining in Costa Rica.  Many companies have you tethered to an additional cable making it extra safe while flying through the jungle.  It’s one of the highlights of traveling to Costa Rica, getting up close and personal to the monkeys and sloths that make their home so high in the canopy.

It turns out the real hazard was this little guy, an extremely venemous yellow viper hiding in the brush on the ground. Their venom affects both the cardiovascular and nervous system.  Besides the distinct possibility of death, here is a bucket list of all the groovy things that can happen if you are unlucky enough to get bit by one: pain, necrosis leading to amputation, vomiting, and the mac daddy of all ailments…severe diarrhea rendering you unconscious.  I don’t know about you but if the diarrhea is that bad I’d rather be sleeping while it’s happening.

I took this shot and quickened my pace through the rain forest.  Zip lining was fun but not getting bit by a viper was priceless.