Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update:            Garbage Pick Up- $6/month

We wake to our alarm going off.  My husband jolts up ready to surprise an intruder, grabbing an assortment of weaponry he keeps just for this occasion. However, there was no bloodshed, no fisticuffs, no fight to the death.  Our interloper was this little guy, caught red handed eating a banana.

He got up on our table, knocked down our security camera, and watched as we took a photo shoot of him.  Similar to Barbara Streisand, he only allowed us to photograph his left side.

And just to show us who’s boss, he defecated on our terrace as he left.  And just to show him who’s boss, I stepped in it the next morning.

My guess he is some kind of opossum. A banana stealing, alarm smashing, terrace pooping opossum.