Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update:  Hotel on the beach in  Puerto Jimenez, gateway to Corcovado National Park- $125/couple

Waking up to the sound of the waves instead of an alarm clock is refreshing.  Waking up to the throaty, squawking sounds of Scarlet Macaws is magnificent.

I am watching them from my hotel porch as they glide from almond tree to almond tree.   They tear apart the outer shell and recklessly devour the nut inside. 

Their vivid colors streak the sky with splashes of red, blue, and yellow.  It’s nature’s way of saying,  “Look at me, I’m not meant to be ignored! Don’t you wish you could look like this?”  I watch as they finish breakfast and fly off to another location.

This is how my morning begins in Puerto Jimenez.  All before my first cup of coffee.