Costa Rica Cost of Living Update:  Gallon of super gasoline-$5

Today we decided to go to Sugar Beach Hotel for lunch.  It’s located on a lovely beach with expansive views of the ocean. Our friendly waiter helped us with our choice; I had the fish fillet sandwich while my husband ordered the curry chicken wrap.  Deciding on saving some money, we both shared one Orange Fanta.

The meals were excellent and the bill (including tax plus tip) came to under $25. We then asked a worker if we could go for a quick dip in their pool.  Of course we wouldn’t pass up that.

Twenty-five dollars is the perfect price for a place with a killer view and an equally killer infinity pool.  I’ve paid more at Macaroni Grill to wait 45 minutes  just to get a table…and I never once wore my bikini.

I may not be a billionaire but love the idea of living like one. That is, with a budget of $25.