Costa Rica Cost Of Living :                       Cookies that look like Oreos, smell like Oreos, taste like styrofoam-$1

I went to the beach yesterday and saw that Pura Vida Rida opened. They rent kayaks, paddle boards, and mountain bikes. Very outdoor-zy  things;  perfect  for  a  very outdoor-zy country.

Along with their usual rental fees,  you can also buy a membership that would allow you to use their equipment year round.  That’s what I love about Costa Rica. Why spend time on a stationary bike when I can paddle out to a reef and do some snorkeling? I wouldn’t have to wipe down any exercise machine or talk to that weird guy who always wears his sweatpants a little too tight. (You know who you are)

Costa Rica is a fun place.  It always entices you to get out and live.  Really live.  Like take a kayak ride and watch a whale and her baby jump out of the water kinda living.

One hundred times better than an hour on a treadmill. One hundred times better than a day in the office.