Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: Head of broccoli- 60 cents

There is an upside to a down market. When the boom hit, you couldn’t go a mile without seeing a cement truck kick up dust along the dirt roads. It was an exciting time, an unrealistic time, and just like in the states, it changed overnight.

My first impression was the results would be devastating. But after the dust settled—literally—it became clear why I chose this country in the first place. The decrease in construction allowed a window of opportunity for wildlife to return. They’re smarter than us; they won’t live near the deafening sounds of jackhammers.

So as I’m planning on building my home, I’ll give more consideration to my new furry friends. I will show them tile samples, perhaps consult their opinions concerning where to plant a banana tree, but more importantly, promise them that I will not build a 10 bedroom McMansion. I will not be selfish…my window of opportunity includes them as well.