Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: One 14 ounce can of Roma tomatoes—$1.25

My husband always finds the best views. He will drive the scooter up any road, knock on any door, and ask to go inside to take a picture. It’s amazing how many people let him in.

We took a chance driving up a steep road in Potrero and found this beautiful place. Palacio Del Sol used to be a hotel and restaurant, but now it is up for sale. The owner happily walked us around. “It was my dream but now I have to move back to the states,” he said.

I suppose one could buy it as a business, or even just as their personal residence. I know I could get used to swimming around in that infinity pool. For now, I am just grateful I got the chance to stand up here with Rob. And thankful he has the guts to go knocking on people’s doors.

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