Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 5.6 ounce Can of Light Tuna- $1.90

Will Smith and M Night Shyamalan are in Costa Rica filming After Earth. I hope they are reading my book. Maybe there is a slight chance since it is the number 1 book in Costa Rica and Central America.  I’ve created an imaginary scene of us hanging around the pool, and I dream the conversation  would go something like this:

“Is it true your husband maced himself in the eye and accidentally fired his gun into your water pipes? Uh… you better get some sunscreen girl, I think your skin is on fire,” Will says.

“Nadine, you truly captured the thrill of moving to a foreign country and your story is just what a famous director like myself is looking for.  Plus, you’re so attractive, I have to have you playing yourself,” M Night says. We all get so excited we jump in the pool and play Marco Polo.

I’m not sure if this conversation will ever happen, but I am happy they are filming their movie here.  You can’t get a better location and the people are the friendliest in the world. Hmm….maybe I’ll stop by and see if they could use a hand—I’ve read they need snake wranglers. I guess you got to start somewhere.