Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 2 foot handsaw—$5  (my husband said the men would like to know this)

I’m running into the most interesting people lately, people who have decided to change their profession into one that includes making a living off the things they enjoy doing.

I watched this photographer—his tripod vicariously positioned on the rocks— take pictures of  surfers darting in and out of the waves. It turns out this is his job; tourists purchase these snapshots, happy to pay for a professional picture that they can show off to all their friends and family. I know if I caught a good wave, I would love a photo as well.

This guy was cool (as I am finding lots of photographers are) and he gave me tips on what cameras work well in this salty environment. He smiled a lot while telling me he is living his dream every single day. “This is what I was born to do,” he said.

I’m glad I walked out onto those rocks to introduce myself, even if my wedge sandals got stuck in a tide pool.  No souvenir photos were taken of that.