Cost Of Living Update: Weird Raccoon Cereal—$2

Since the 6.6 earthquake (the second big one in two months), I’ve had the craving for Froot Loops. It’s a happy cereal that reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons and feety pajamas. It’s the perfect comfort food for when the ground just won’t stop shaking.

Of course, my budget prohibits me from actually buying Froot Loops. I purchase what looks like the cereal, only instead of a jolly Toucan Sam on the cover this one had a juggling raccoon. Of course, I think to myself. Whenever anyone imagines an early morning meal, festive garbage-rummaging raccoons always come to mind.

My husband is the first one to try it and says, “It tastes like a mouth full of air freshener.” I can’t tell you how delighted I am about this. As a proud New Jerseyan, our state has the highest concentrations of artificial flavoring factories in the world. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps.

I pour myself a bowl and turn on some cartoons. When I’m done eating, my breath—and the entire room— smells like a can of Febreeze. You have to hand it to that juggling raccoon, he definitely knows how to impress on a budget.

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