Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Master cylinder for the brakes—$150 parts & labor included (my car is dying a slow death guys)

There is not another picture that accurately portrays my marriage as well as this one. My husband: laughing and joyful. Me: serious and methodical.

This is the same expression I had on my face when Rob told me he wanted to sell everything and move to Costa Rica. I needed to plan things, make lists, and ensure that I would have a solution to all the uncertainties that were bound to occur.

But here’s the thing… you can’t plan for everything. It wasn’t a week into this Costa Rica adventure that I finally realized I had to let go. And letting go also meant welcoming in all the wonderful surprises that sneak up on you when you’re not looking.

In this picture, Rob is holding on while teaching me how to boogie board. I listen carefully, judging the three-inch wave accordingly, before Rob finally lets me go. I take it into the shore and look behind to see him cheering me on.

I love that he held onto the board, but it’s even better when you let it ride.