Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 6 oz can of OFF— $5.65

It’s out…Happier Than A Billionaire: The Sequel is up for sale on Amazon in Kindle and as a Paperback. It is also available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo online. iBooks is still pending, but for now you can read it on your Apple device with the Kindle App.

The Sequel covers my move to the beach, and all the funny misadventures that happen along the way. I also write about my  parents and mother-in-law when they came to visit. It should make for a very interesting Christmas dinner this year…

Being a writer, and writing about myself is an intense process. But you guys make it fun for me and I appreciate all the kind words and support. Now I just have to explain to my husband that I sort of left in some things in the book that he might find embarrassing….

Like I said, the holidays should be interesting.

About Nadine Hays Pisani

Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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26 Responses to THE SEQUEL

  1. Kathryn says:

    Nadine Congratulayons on the sequel! I bought it to read on my way to Flammingo this week.
    I only read the first few chapters so far, but laughed out loud about travelers bringing sinks and toilets through customs. We got nabbed last year bringing a garbage disposal for our condo.
    I’m heading out to Tamarindo today, so hopefully there will be plenty of time for reading!

  2. Marcella Marshall says:

    Hi, Nadine. Just wanted to applaud your efforts on publishing both of your books, which I just finished reading. My husband, his 89 year old mother, my 82 year old father, our senior citizen Chihuahua, and I have just moved from Texas to Atenas, CR. We built our dream home here over a year ago and plan to move into it in three weeks. We currently have it rented so we are renting a small home here in lovely Atenas. So you might say we are in a holding pattern until our final descent, but what a place to be in a holding pattern! I am using this interim period to read and learn more about Costa Rica. I loved both of your books and admire your adventurous spririt, and self-deprecating humor. Rob reminds me so much of my husband of 25 years….refuses to engage in an argument with his sometime hysterical wife. I love that you choose to see the good in your journey and appreciate all the subtle and not so subtle differences from the US. I lived in Mexico for a few years as a child so I think assimilating here will be easy for me…not to mention that I speak fluent Spanish and love my telenovelas. All the best to you and Rob……you are both so fortunate to have one another on your journey! By the way, ignore all the one star rating haters……they cannot appreciate “Pura Vida.”

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by with those encouraging words. Sometimes it’s so easy to complain about the differences and struggles, but when you take a step back so much of it is so hilarious. And it puts me in a much better mood when I remind myself of that.

      Expat life is not for everyone, but like you said, if you can appreciate the adventure of it, the whole thing is quite marvelous.

  3. Dana Ulbricht says:

    Hi Nadine….I first found out about “Happier Than a Billionaire”, just last week, while surfing the internet about a move to Costa Rica. I was just about to order your book today, when I saw that your sequel has just been published ( Congrats!!!), In addition, one of the “reviews” stated that although this was a wonderful book, it was definetly NOT a guide to moving to Costa Rica. My question(s) then are… that correct? I will still purchase and read YOUR book, but I am desperate for some specific information about how to make the move. I will be attempting to do this ( from NJ) by or before mid Feb, 2013. I have been trying to rent an apartment ( preferably by the beach, but not sure…those mountain views are incredible)- but so far have only been contacted by obvious scams; trying to see what ( if any) job I can find ; I am interested in starting a particular business and also plan to take the TEFL course, and FINALLY start my book ;how I can find out more about the pension plan offered. I also have some questions about health care as I have fubromyalgia and require regular medical care. Nadine, would your book cover these issues? Is there any other book, blog, website, etc you can suggest? Thank you so much and I hope that one day (SOON!!!!) I can have the opportnity to ,perhaps, meet with you ; I’d love to learn more about writing and publishing a book.

    All the best,

    • admin says:

      Hi Dana, thanks for stopping by. My book is more about my transition from the rat race to moving to Costa Rica. Although it isn’t a guide, it does give you a glimpse of some of the nutty things that happen when living in a foreign country.

      Since you are concerned about medical care, I would stay closer to the Central Valley so you can be closer to the medical facilities. As far as finding a good rental, your best bet is getting your feet on the ground here. All the best deals are word of mouth and it is really hard to find anything over the internet. Many people get a place to live and will find something cheaper within a few months.

      I would check out . Scott Oliver has a lot of articles about relocating to Costa Rica. Hope this helps. It’s a process getting your life in order before moving, but I am so glad I did it. Costa Rica is such a wonderful country with so many beautiful things to see.

      • John C says:

        Hey Nadine,
        First of all, I love the whole thing you got going on here…books, website, life approach and esp the fact your from Jersey. Well I’ve been to Costa a handful of times and my wife and I got married in Playa Conchal last Feb. Well since my first visit in 2004 I have said that i will make Costa my home for some amount of time…no exp on how long…….So my wife and I have been doing our research and figuring out our finances and it looks like my pipe dream is coming pretty close to reality. With that being said we would like to stay in the Tamarindo area and I was wondering if you knew anyone looking for short term renters or someone subletting…any info or comments would be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks in advance,

        • admin says:

          It’s funny, I actually read this comment and heard a Jersey accent. One of the realtors around here is Randy Toltz and his website is

          If I hear of anything I will let you know. Maybe in the surrounding beaches you might have a better chance of finding something affordable. What I do know is once you live here for around 3-6 months, you really start to find the deals. You only get them if you are living here and get to know people. They are night and day different than what you see on the internet.

          Keep your dream alive, I can already see a hammock with your name on it!!

  4. Tom Duffy says:

    Just ordered the Kindle book and downloaded it to my new Kindle Fire HD. Can’t wait to read it. If it’s anything like your first I’m sure I will be in for some good laughs.
    Just to let you know we are moving down to CR next year. Will put our house on the market in May,, and vamos after that. Once we are down there, we will definetely meet up…. I still have your Heinz ketchup!!

    • admin says:

      Congrats Tom! I’m sure you are beyond excited. Such a great adventure is waiting for you, and it’s nice to know that you have visited a few times to get a feel of the country. It may not be for everyone, but I love what Costa Rica offers. Even if Heinz ketchup is a delicacy!!

  5. Dave haas says:


    Iread both books and loved them. I was in Costa Rica 2 years ago and loved it. We went on a tour with 2kids that converted a Russian Missile Launcher into a vehicle that could go up into the mountains and show people how fantastic Cost Rica is. One of our best trips. We are going to Belize this January on a cruise.

    Hope to read more about your dream adventure


  6. Bruny Hudson says:

    Ordered sequel today. Looking forward to more laughs and memories of a country we love.

    • admin says:

      I love this country as well Bruny and thanks for purchasing The Sequel! I can’t help but look around and be amazed at all the beauty here. It never gets old, and I am truly blessed to living in Costa Rica.

  7. Jan Fischer says:

    Finished the sequel last night and again a funny and great book! I give it a A+. You have brought me to a place to continue our plans for retirement in Costa Rica. We have been planing for years. If we flop we flop but this is truly something we have always wanted to at least try. Looking forward to our trip down there in the next year to check out all the possibilities with a open mind. Oh and the cover photo was great and the perfect choice of a dress!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Jan for once again following me on this adventure. I love your attitude, and I felt the same way. If I flop I flop. I was definitely going to make sure I had a story to tell!

  8. Robert says:

    Read it last night, Nadine. Loved it. I especially enjoyed your final chapter. Two particulars resonated for me in my own experiences in Grecia. One, the whole toilet paper thing with the toilets, the cans for the poopy paper (and forgetting, hahaha) and the plumbing! Priceless. And, two, playing charades with the Ticos to make myself understood. They are such willing players, are they not? I identified with so much in your writing and, despite the 1 star reviews, I look forward to following your exploits here in this wonderful country. I’m sure all the other reviews more than make up for the dunderheads who just don’t get it. Pure Vida!

    • admin says:

      LOL… isn’t it wonderful? If you can keep a good sense of humor, it’s all so hilarious. Even when the first book came out and all the things that followed after it, I just laugh at it all now. This adventure has really opened up so many doors for me, but the best thing is that it made me a better person. I am so much kinder now, and much more patient with people. I’ve walked in the shoes of someone who comes to a country and doesn’t speak the language. It can be terrifying at times, and I now understand the fear many immigrants go through.

      Travel is such a gift, and I’m so happy your experiences mirrored my own. This world is a fabulous place if you can open your heart and let all the blessing come in.

      Oh.. and remember to put the poopy toilet paper in the wastepaper basket! That’s another important lesson!!

  9. Ryan says:

    Bought it and read the first couple chapters – already funnier than the first book, and just as inspiring!

    • admin says:

      I can’t thank you enough. I enjoyed writing it and this journey has been so fulfilling. I am not the “typical” type of person one would think would do this… just quit a job and move to a foreign country. I really threw so much to the wind, but I think a lot more people are like us out there. We think about the world, and all the place we haven’t gone, and wonder if there will be time left to do it all in the end.

      I didn’t want to wait, there was something inside that said, “go now… don’t think too hard about it, just take a breath and go!” So here I am, taking that breath everyday and never looking back.

  10. Shelley says:

    Just bought it today! About half way through….very fun!

  11. Sabra Rounds says:

    Looking forward to reading your book. I love the cover photo!

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