Costa Rica Bird Photography

Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 9 Volt Energizer Max battery $4.30

My husband has impeccable hearing… at least for the things that matter. He heard a thump, ran outside, and found this poor birdie. She apparently hit the window and was knocked out cold on the ground.

Rob picked her up¬†and dribbled a few drops of water on her head. She eventually came to and gave us a quizzical look. I suppose flying high one moment and then waking up cupped in someone’s hand would be alarming. She remained there for ten minutes before gaining the strength to fly away.

These moments fill me with such joy. I’ve had some great memories in Costa Rica, but watching Rob nurse an injured bird makes me fall in love with him, and this country all over again.

(Sorry if I’ve not been posting as often. I’ve been writing the how-to book on Costa Rica, The Escape Manual. It’s going to be informative, and funny. My husband just gives me way too much material!)