Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 9 Volt Energizer Max battery $4.30

My husband has impeccable hearing… at least for the things that matter. He heard a thump, ran outside, and found this poor birdie. She apparently hit the window and was knocked out cold on the ground.

Rob picked her up, and dribbled a few drops of water on her head. She eventually came to and gave us a quizzical look. I suppose flying high one moment and then waking up cupped in someone’s hand would be alarming. She remained there for ten minutes before gaining the strength to fly away.

These moments fill me with such joy. I’ve had some great memories in Costa Rica, but watching Rob nurse an injured bird makes me fall in love with him, and this country all over again.

(Sorry if I’ve not been posting as often. I’ve been writing the how-to book on Costa Rica, The Escape Manual. It’s going to be informative, and funny. My husband just gives me way too much material!)

About Nadine Hays Pisani

Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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16 Responses to THE BIRD WHISPERER

  1. Ann Ellison says:

    What a sweet story. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Nadine says:

      You are the best Ann! So love how often you stop by my facebook page and comment. Rob and I talk about you often, sometimes we post something and say, “Ann is going to love this!”

  2. Tina Klein says:

    What a great photo and sweet story to go along with the photo! Kudos to Rob for hearing the thump and giving the bird a place to rest.
    All the Best!

  3. Doug says:

    Hello Nadine!

    I just bought your (e)book and am very excited about jumping in!

    Last week I bought my family (me and my two sons) tickets to CR! No place to live lined up yet, no job, etc… June 25th is the date of departure (or should I say arrival)…



    • admin says:

      Hi Doug! Thanks so much for purchasing the book. It’s been so lovely here lately, just the perfect blue sky and monkeys jumping all over the place. It’s the perfect spot for me, and I hope you will find the same happiness here.

  4. Rich says:

    Hi Nadine

    Thanks for writing two really funny and really great books. I have been reading them on plane flights on business trips I have been taking and laughing out loud. The people next to me must wonder…. I also have been reading them in bed and my wife keeps asking “whats so funny” — but you can’t really describe it out of context. So a funny thing just happened. As I got to the last chapter of your book I burst into tears!! (Thank god my son is napping and my wife and daughter are at a birthday party!!). It was partly like saying goodbye to a good friend and not knowing when you would see them again and it was partly what you wrote in your last pages — I really loved your quote “Once I stopped looking for more, I got everything I needed” . That could be a great subtitle for your next book! It also somehow hit me that I have been in a crazy pursuit of “more” for no apparent reason. And its not making me happy. Kudos to you and Rob for shining a light down the dark and uncertain corridor called “following your dreams”. You are an inspiration. Please hurry and write the next one. Oh and don’t even think about sharing any of your profits with some dumb publishing house!! Your books will still be read when the last Publisher closes their creaky door! And finally, I’m happy to report that I am taking my whole family down to CR in two weeks to show them what its all about! Maybe I’ll see you in the bat cave!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Rich for such a sweet message. I hope you enjoy your trip. My life has changed so much since moving here, I am so thankful that I took a shot at it. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I didn’t do it. Perhaps still staring out that office window, hoping my life would change.

      All the best to you and your family.

  5. Edward Kanemasu says:

    Dear Nadine:
    Recall our recent meeting at Rancho Margot. We discussed the University of Georgia’s Ecolodge near San Luis in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. I repeat my invitation to visit and hopefully fulfill your quest to see the elusive Quetzal! I think you will find our Costa Rica campus quite invigorating with students from all over sharing their dreams and ideas. Just let me know what suits your calendar and I will let Quint Newcomer, our campus Director, make the arrangements.
    Karen and I really enjoyed meeting you and Rob. Also, remember we talked about Montana and your interest in visiting there. You just never know. Best wishes, Ed

  6. LS says:

    Hi Nadine! I’ve taken a hiatus from fb but I DID get your message re: Cascade and hope that all is well in CR! Hoping to get the rest of the fam there soon. Thanks for the updates!! — L.

  7. Jason says:

    Congrats on the book making #1 on Amazon. I plowed through it and I’m enjoying the sequel currently.

    Is the new book going to be a form of expat relocation guide?

  8. Nancy Guenther says:

    I just wanted to ask what kind of bird this is. Not your everyday sparrow! Beautiful.

    • admin says:

      It’s a Golden-hooded Tanager. I was trying to get a photo of it for days and then… SMACK… right into our window. Thankfully she pulled through, but she did look dazed and confused for a while.

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