Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Pork Chops on sale— $2.50 a pound

There is something particularly exciting about doing radio interviews. Especially the variety that cover the pressing issues of a local municipality. I was once interviewed on a station outside New York City when we were preempted by breaking news that falcons were nesting on top of City Hall. Apparently, these birds were crapping all over the place.

Another time I was being interviewed by a Midwest station when I was cut short by live coverage of the Maple Seed Maven’s middle school basketball game. It was the finals and these girls rocked the house.

But I had the most fun on Radio Dos, one of the biggest radio broadcasts in Costa Rica. This was the big time; anyone who has traveled across Costa Rica is likely to have listened to hours of their programming. I even know their jingle by heart, singing it to Rob when there are lulls in our conversations (if given the option, I’m pretty sure he’d choose the lull).  I was nervous just thinking about doing this interview.

Happily, everything went off without a hitch. I sat in Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, watched the sunset, and was interviewed by the charming hosts. And instead of nesting falcons or middle school basketball games, their urgent news was the Tamarindo surf report and Happy Hour specials (high tide at 8AM, $2 Imperial Drafts).

I’m grateful for it all and so excited to see what happens next.


About Nadine Hays Pisani

Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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  2. Raja imran Rasheed says:

    insha Allah next year i try my level best to visit Costa Rica .The Most atractive place in the world.

  3. Randall says:

    Loved your book! I think we will have our baby there next year (and we’ve never been!)

    • admin says:

      It’s beautiful here, so much wildlife and incredible places to see. There is always something fun to do, and I know you will love it!

  4. Bryan says:

    We (wife and I) are planning an exploratory trip in anticipation of a move to CR. I alternate between excitement and terror at the thought. Half the people I talk to say I’ll be mugged within the first week. Heck, the way they tell it, the stewardesses might hog-tie me once we enter Costa Rican airspace. The others tell me to be careful but that problems are relatively uncommon. The good news is that I have Ticos in my family, so I’ll have somewhere to stay and an official tour guide. We’re still trying to decide where to rent first, but Grecia seems like a good way to ease into it. Anyway, we’re discovering how much crap is really in our house. I’ve got unopened boxes from three moves ago. I’m sure it must be stuff essential I can’t live without…

    • admin says:

      I know how you feel. I didn’t even know where to start with the “stuff”. Moving is bad enough, but trying to get rid of most of the things is even tougher.

      Grecia is a great place to start. Excellent weather, easy place to find a car, and close to San Jose. If you are going to start the residency process, it’s so much easier when you are nearer to Immigration.

      Congrats on your next adventure and can’t wait to hear how it all works out!

  5. kel says:

    Hi Nadine, just finished reading both your books back to back. Great read! It was exactly what I was looking for :) We are moving to Cuba in just over a year (my husband is Cuban…I most certainly am not)…..and I needed this pick me up. I’m fired up again! Thanks for putting it all out there for strangers like myself to read, enjoy & connect with. Much appreciated. Best wishes to you & your dear husband.

    • admin says:

      Sounds like such an adventure! I’ll follow you on your blog, I’m sure you will have a lot of great stories to tell.

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