Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: A day out kayaking and snorkeling— $0

It’s official… our bargain kayaks can float. We took our maiden voyage off Playa Conchal with our friends Ian and Sandy swimming behind. They knew exactly how to find a spectacular reef located right offshore.

I kayaked while Rob snorkeled around the coral, diving down like a seal. All at once he came up hollering, “An octopus just tried to ink me!”

We eventually headed back and stopped off at Sandy’s house. She cooked us omelets while we watched our GoPro camera footage.  It recorded my husband laughing, a sound that I can listen to over and over again. I love seeing Rob happy. His laughter levitates me and keeps me afloat, much like my second-hand kayak.

Once home, I couldn’t stop repeating how easy this excursion turned out to be. And my husband couldn’t stop pointing out how I didn’t help him load either of the kayaks into the back of our car.  Or go with him to buy them in the first place. Or hose the salty water off them that night.

He could be right about that, I don’t recall any dirty work or heavy lifting. That part is all a blur. But what isn’t a blur is the memory of that special afternoon out with my friends, where I watched my husband dive down to discover an octopus at the bottom of the ocean.

Sometimes a bargain turns out to be more valuable than you think. Where some might see a rickety, old kayak, I see years of good times and fun adventures with my friends.