Costa Rica Costa Of Living Update: Cover charge for 4th of July party at The Mar Vista Beach Club which also included dinner and access to pool—$12/person

I don’t often write about the nightlife in Costa Rica, but July 4th was a doozy. We went to Mar Vista Beach Club and watched a live band before heading out to Flamingo for fireworks. Americans and Costa Ricans celebrated side by side under the night sky. And this just proves if there is a party, everyone will want to grill some hot dogs, enjoy each other’s company,  and watch the sky come alive with pyrotechnics.

September 15th will be Costa Rica’s Independence Day. No doubt I’ll be rubbing elbows with Gringos and Ticos alike, eating fried plantains, and watching fireworks conscious of the freedoms that Costa Ricans and Americans share. Coincidentally, both country’s flags are red, white, and blue.