Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Fresh Mahi Mahi— $4.54 per pound

In the distance I see Las Catalinas’ Islands; it’s one of our destinations today. The Costa Rican captain of our vessel, WetAssII, navigates each wave with precision.  He anticipates each swell before effortlessly maneuvering the boat so that we barely feel the dips that can often lead to seasickness. This is actually turning out to be a smoother ride than most roads in this country.

As we race across the sea, a pod of dolphins leap out of the water and play along the side of our boat. They turn their heads to look up at us, and I’m tempted to reach down and touch their fins. As I lean in closer they all dart away. If we weren’t planning on fishing, I would jump into the ocean after them.

Fishing in Costa Rica is so much more than just catching a big one. Once you are a mile offshore, the view is breathtaking. The early morning clouds kiss the mountaintops before the unforgiving sun rays chase them away. This is my favorite part of the day.

The owner of the boat, Vicky, supplies us with a cooler of drinks, munchies, and sashimi straight out of the ocean. Our goal is to catch enough fish for dinner and to also share with the caption and crew. I’ve learned from living here to take just what I need. I find that the more I apply that principle, the happier I become.

Before heading back to shore we stop at a remote beach to snorkel. The coral is home to thousands of fish, all of which don’t seem surprised to see us. I’m always amazed to find that there are still unspoiled spots left on this planet. My husband is careful not to touch any coral while he takes pictures of this underwater Shangri-la.

Mankind spends much of its energy trying to obtain the unobtainable: lost treasures at the bottom of the sea or hidden scrolls in the deepest caverns. We search for the connections to our past as a way to explain our present and predict our future. I find many of those answers are hidden in the perfect day. And I just had one in Costa Rica.