Costa Rican Toaster OvenCosta Rica Cost of Living Update: Hamilton Beach Deluxe Toaster Oven— $170

My oven is not working. In fact, I think it might have exploded. Rob turned it on and heard a loud bang. This isn’t uncommon: most of my appliances expire with this type of fanfare. They never just stop functioning, but instead go out like a Chinese New Year.

But I shouldn’t worry. A repairman came to our house and ordered the correct part. He said it would arrive in a week. That was four months ago. Perhaps I should have asked what week he had in mind. A week in mid-December? Maybe the week the next Explorer lands on Mars? These pressing questions always slip my mind.

So I gave in and splurged for a super duper Hamilton Beach toaster oven. “Horno de Mostrador!” it states on the box. How can I resist an appliance with that kind of advertising? “Maxima versatilidad,” it promises. I have to agree, when it comes to choosing a toaster oven, maximum versatility is prominent in one’s expectations. To think, I would have settled for it to just cook things.

It even includes a rotisserie. That part got shoved in the back of my cabinet… who am I kidding.

I’m happy to say that I’ll have a warm meal this holiday, and I wish a warm Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. It doesn’t matter what we eat, as long as we enjoy the people we are eating it with. And I’ll be enjoying mine with my husband and a bunch of howler monkeys, and doing it all with maximum versatility.

About Nadine Hays Pisani

Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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  1. Helen says:

    I loved your billionaire book makes me want to think about moving there again. I retired early I hated my job so much. I was planning on coming to Costa Rica until my family gave me a fit. But it is true about the drive through world here and the cell phones America has forgot how to communicate I know it could be better. I am single but I am not like Dolores at all I have two dogs one is old and could go anytime hopefully not who takes care of your pets when you travel? You never mentioned it in your book. Do you think one could live there on social security there around $1300 a month and where would be the safest place for me in your opinion. Everything comes with trials and tribulations no matter where they live but it sounds like its worth it to live there with the beauty and climate .

    • Nadine says:

      A friend took care of my pets Helen. Now my budget is $1200 a month, it’s a little more expensive at the beach. Living in Grecia was cheaper. I would start in Grecia and see how you like it.

  2. Julia says:

    I am looking at craigslist throught the rentals around Costa Rica. The prices I am seeing cannot be true. I must be calculating wrong.
    For example ₡525 / 2br – Cozy Cabaña
    When I put that into google, I am getting
    450 Costa Rican Colón equals
    0.8987 US Dollar
    Is that incorrect?

    • Nadine says:

      500 colones is roughly a dollar. It shifts all the time so I always tell people to do rough calculating. Rents are usually priced in dollars, so I’m wondering if that place rents for $525 and it was just a mistype. That price sounds about right as well.

  3. Sara says:

    Your book was recommended to me by a friend. But wanted you to tell your sister, I did and always read the acknowledgements. I’m usually looking for my name, but nonetheless I always read them. Some are very interesting.

    • Nadine says:

      I just showed her this post. She thinks all this is very interesting since she never, ever reads the acknowledgements. I’m like you, I always read them. I like to see who they thank. Or maybe I just have a lot more time on my hands. My sister has three kids, and the last time I was at here house, she spent 99% of the time either cooking, cleaning, or putting out some emotional fire from one of her teenagers. It’s funny not having kids and watching all this from her sofa.

  4. nadine says:

    I would have sent you my toaster oven… I hate it…. it works great, sure… but is the most under-used item in my kitchen aside from the toaster. It’s red and pretty and takes up a nice chunk of counter real estate. But I bet it is not as versatilidad as your new one is :)

  5. Gilbert says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the passing away of your beloved toaster-oven … you are funny and you made me smile … :-))
    Enjoy life … Any day ABOVE ground is a good day.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Ticos & Ticas in your life.
    Pura Vida amigos

  6. ERIKA says:

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. David Haas says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rob. I hope you both have a wonderful day filled with Howler Monkeys, Butterfly’s and Birds at your doorstep. Nature has a way of making the day complete. My wife and I are looking forward to being in Costa Rica in February on a Caravan tour around the country. We look forward to seeing all the animals you see each day. Have a Great Day

    Dave and Kathy

    • Nadine says:

      Thanks so much for following my blog David. The weather has been wonderful and you are going to have a great time. If I’m correct Caravan tours usually hit a few areas, so you will see a lot of Costa Rica.

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