Costa Rica or BustCosta Rica Costa of Living Update: Cost to get my oven fixed—I don’t know, the repairman never came back

This was the temperature one morning in New Jersey. It was also the temperature when I decided to help my parents by shoveling their driveway.

It was then that I felt a sharp pain and proceeded to get a Charlie Horse in my butt. I wasn’t aware this could even happen. But there I was, frozen in pain next to their Nissan Sentra. It would have made the perfect Christmas card.

When I was finally able to stumble my way back into the house, my mother instantly went into the motherly mode by yelling at me for not wearing boots.

I died a little inside that day. I am happy to be back in Costa Rica and looking forward to blogging more and getting my third book out. As for my oven… I think it’s dead for good. But I’ll take a broken oven over shoveling snow any day.