Costa Rica World Cup

Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: One gallon of Super Gasoline— $5.90

The roar came over the mountainside, up from the town of Grecia, catapulting  over the surrounding ridges. Costa Rica advances to the World Cup quarter finals, the first time in history! I have never, ever seen anything like this. Everyone ran into the streets, cars began honking their horns, and we all collectively celebrated this joyous occasion.

My husband and I drove down the hillside, into the traffic, and waved our little Costa Rican flag that we keep hanging over our rear-view mirror. I didn’t feel like an expat, or a foreigner, just another Tica singing into the streets.

I have experienced a million quiet moments in Costa Rica that have made my life sweeter than I ever thought was possible. Then there was this eruption of energy that all but carried me away. My gosh how I love Costa Rica and its people,  embracing me during their proudest moment, and reminding me that I too am part of it all.

Most of the time happy moments come in whispers, but on a rare occasion, it will roar toward you like a clap of thunder. It was a day I’ll never forget.

About Nadine Hays Pisani

Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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  1. Ms. Morgan says:

    Would like to be in contact with someone (you?) living in Costa Rica just to toss around ideas and get some expat knowledge. I have been coming to Costa Rica, at least once a year, since 2001. A few years ago I purchased a piece of property, it is now ready to build on, and plan to do that this summer/fall.
    Although I have a very long standing, strong, secure and safe circle of friends/family, OH – I forgot: a lawyer! but, I do have questions that only an expat can answer for me.

    I appreciate a response from anyone who can help me out
    ms. morgan

  2. Martin says:

    Hi Nadine. We have almost identical blogs this week . Mine is at
    I was inspired by you to create my blog. The entire country is jubilant. Keep up the funny blog . I love it.


    • Nadine says:

      I’m so lucky that I was here for that. I’ve never seen anything like it, an entire country erupting in cheers. I’ll never forget that day!

  3. Victor says:

    Hi Nadine,

    I do not remember watching a full soccer game in a very long time but now I had to do it. What a nice surprise. We are still living in New Jersey but our connection with Cost Rica started 7 years ago during the first visit to Manuel Antonio and became stronger after we bought a condo in Playas del Coco (still in construction and under a questionable outcome). Your books and blogs are source of optimism and proves that we are not so crazy (as many friends believe) to invest in CR. Vamos Los Ticos!

    • Nadine says:

      Thanks Victor, it looks like we will be building soon. And I’m sure it will all go swimmingly right? I mean, how bad could it be? I see another book coming….

  4. Jill says:

    Hola Nadine,
    What a day of celebration it was! We had a great time watching the game. We drove from Tamarindo to Playa Marbella for the day and stopped at a little Tiki bar on the beach to watch the final moments of the game. The whole place exploded in joy when they won. As soon as the goal was scored everyone was dancing and shouting Ole Ole Ole Ole Ticos Ticos!!! It was so awesome to be included in the countries pride. As soon as the energy tamed, the locals told us…okay…now lets surf!! We then paddled out into some crazy surf and everyone was super amped on the win. So happy to be here to experience it all. Thank you again for your recommendations and info on CR! Ticos Ticos!! Vamos Cost Rica!!!! :)

    • Nadine says:

      A country full of Joy! It must have been such a blast watching it from the beach bar. It’s so pretty down there as well, one could just stay there forever.

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