Nadine Hays Pisani Radio Interview

Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: Car Repairs (brake pads, brake cylinder, new horn, two new seat belts, two quarts of oil,  one air-conditioning belt, brake fluid, inspection sticker and a mechanic who personally takes the car to get it) —  Total parts and labor: $350

Rob and I were invited to a wedding at Flamingo Beach Resort a couple of weeks ago. I get very excited at weddings, and when I say excited I mean I cry until mascara runs down my face. In fact, I think I cry more at weddings than at funerals. I just can’t help it, there is so much love in the room  (or in this case, on the beach), I get verklemmt.

To give you an idea how great I am at planning my life, I show up two days early for the wedding. Rob was even wearing a shirt void of any stains. That alone was a miracle.

It just so happened that Evan Luck from Radio Dos was at the hotel. Evan is a very popular DJ in Costa Rica and often does his show on location in Flamingo or Tamarindo.  I was on his program about a year ago discussing my first two books and the Ex-Pat show Rob and I did with Jimmy Buffett’s daughter. When he heard I was about to release my third book on November 1st, The Escape Manual, he invited me on the show to make an announcement.

November 1st is the date written on my calendar, but apparently, I have scheduling issues. Who knows, this book might pop up two days earlier ready to party. I’m sure I’ll get verklemmt once I see it up on Amazon, crying happy mascara-laden tears all over Rob’s last clean shirt.