Happier House Bedroom

 Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: Black and Decker Toaster Oven—$65 (normally $30 in the US)

We’ve been busy guys, but it’s a good kind of busy. Our house is almost finished, although one would never know by the amount of workers still around. One morning I’m sure they will all be gone, but for now, there are a dozen men staring through my window in the morning waiting for Rob and I to wake up.

Unfortunately for them, I am not a pretty sleeper. I am what the medical community would call a mouth breather: my jaw so gravely unhinged it looks like I’m trapping Japanese Beetles. This, combined with eight hours of drool, has the capacity to frighten even the most macho of construction men.

I open one eye and scan the crowd: the tile workers are here to finish grouting, the gutter guys are waiting for drool lady to get the ladder she unwisely locked inside the pool house, and there is always some random man to assist any of these crews. It’s an assorted bunch, but one I’ve grown to love.

The actual building of this house—the steel beams and concrete—was fun to watch, but it’s the finishing touches that make a home, and it’s here that Rob takes special care to get it right. We want rooms that sparkle, where the golden Costa Rican light bounces off every surface. We wish for a place to watch sunsets, a spot for others to feel inspired like we were when we first visited this beautiful country. This dream, one we had for eight years, is finally coming true and we have been blessed to be able to share it with all of you through my books.

The Happier House Pool

Heavens, I could never have predicted this moment when I stepped off that plane all those years ago. I could never have imagined that I would have these life-changing experiences, or get a chance to meet so many of you who have followed our journey from the very beginning. I know I’m lucky, and I am more than grateful for this incredible opportunity.

I’m pleased to say The Happier House will be opening soon for business, and I’ll share more pictures shortly. For now, I have to find that ladder in the pool house and open the second-floor bedroom for the tile workers. It’s the very best kind of busy day, and it’s one that sparkles with the very best kind of Costa Rican light.

(Please email me at puravida@happierthanabillionaire (at) com for rates and more information)