Looking Up at The Happier House

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Brasilito Moon

Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: Bag of Sun Chips that Rob and I devoured in one hour—$4.82

The Happier House recently hosted two wonderful guests, Jim and Dawn. As we were showing them around the Sunset Suite’s outdoor kitchen, Rob began a very long and tedious explanation on how to light the barbecue.

“You see here Jim, the automatic lighter switch is broken so you will have to use this Bic lighter,” Rob explained, holding up the device in case Jim has started fires in the past using only flint and kindling.

“Okay, I think I got it,” Jim replied.

“Well, you have to light it where the gas comes out underneath, somewhere in the middle.”

“Yeah, I’ll remember…”

“It’s important Jim, that if the gas is on too long, you will want to shut it off and wait a few minutes then start again.”

Rob continued rambling to our guest, even suggesting the “Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosy” rule of turning the propane tank nozzle on and off when I finally interrupted.

“Honey, didn’t Jim tell you he works for NASA?”

“So you’re like a rocket scientist?” Rob asked.

“Yes. My job involves dealing with jet fuel when necessary.”

Well played Rocket Man. Well played.

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5 Best Guanacaste Beaches

Costa Rica Costa Of Living Update: Boogie Board—$80

Choosing your favorite beach in Costa Rica is like trying to pick which of your children you love the most. I’ve overheard heated debates on which sand is the softest, where the best snorkeling spot is located, or what surf is the easiest to boogie board without smacking your head into a rock.

Since many of you are visiting this area for the Christmas holiday—and are looking to get out of your resort and travel to different beaches—this list should help in planning your excursions. It’s best to fly into Liberia, Costa Rica since this international airport is the closest to these Guanacaste beaches. The San Jose airport is five to six hours away from this area.

I’ve compiled this “happier beach list” (my top 5 Guanacaste beaches) by using a thorough investigative team: my husband and I. We are authorities in how to waste a day away. I can sit on a beach (in the shade) for and entire day and feel like it was well spent. Give me a book and I might never come home. Rob will stare into every tide pool looking for new and interesting sea life… and he always finds something. These beach days clear my mind and help make me more appreciative of the little things. Gratitude comes easy when your toes are dipped into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading “COSTA RICA VACATIONS : THE 5 BEST GUANACASTE BEACHES” »


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Costa Rica Cost of Living Update:  Gallon of super gasoline-$5

Today we decided to go to Sugar Beach Hotel for lunch.  It’s located on a lovely beach with expansive views of the ocean. Our friendly waiter helped us with our choice; I had the fish fillet sandwich while my husband ordered the curry chicken wrap.  Deciding on saving some money, we both shared one Orange Fanta.

The meals were excellent and the bill (including tax plus tip) came to under $25. We then asked a worker if we could go for a quick dip in their pool.  Of course we wouldn’t pass up that.

Twenty-five dollars is the perfect price for a place with a killer view and an equally killer infinity pool.  I’ve paid more at Macaroni Grill to wait 45 minutes  just to get a table…and I never once wore my bikini.

I may not be a billionaire but love the idea of living like one. That is, with a budget of $25.