Horses, Dragonflies, and Waterfalls

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Rincon de la Vieja

Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: One Day Pass at Rincon de la Vieja Adventure Tours— Ninety dollars

It’s always great when friends come to visit. We love to plan big excursions they’ll remember for a lifetime. And our visitors certainly remember this adventure, mostly because one of them had back surgery and Rob recommended we all go horseback riding, zip-lining and swimming under a waterfall.

I’m not sure why Rob would ever suggest horseback riding since it never ends well for him. Every horse my husband has ever ridden was eager to get him off their back. There has never been one that thought, “I like this chap, let’s take the scenic route.” They’ve all acted as if it were a rodeo, and it’s their turn to buck the jerk. I, on the other hand, have never ridden a horse that didn’t lazily saunter away, start eating grass and fart… Simultaneously. They’ve all been about as underachieving as my equestrian skills.

Enjoy this chapter from Happier Than A Billionaire: The Sequel. Maybe one day you too will ride off into the Costa Rican sunset with your friends.


Waterfalls & Canyon Walls

“Do you think you’ll be okay on a horse?” I ask.

“I hope so,” Matt replies. “But I haven’t been on one in twenty years. I stopped riding after my back surgery.”

“I doubt she’ll bounce you around, tourists ride them every day,” Rob says as Matt strokes the horse’s face. The man holding the reins nods his head in agreement, but I can tell he doesn’t understand English. I recognize his befuddled expression because I pretty much look like that all the time. I was recently at the post office where a clerk was trying to explain my package hadn’t arrived yet. Instead of moving out of the way for the next person in line, I just stood there nodding like a big, dopey bobblehead. I remained there for a good five minutes before a nice person in line told me I had to come back the next day.

Matt examines the saddle and looks over the stirrups. “She looks like a nice girl, so why not? I’m already here, right? I didn’t come all this way not to participate.” Continue reading “Horses, Dragonflies, and Waterfalls” »


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Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 10.9 ounces of cottage cheese— $5

When people visit Costa Rica, they immediately plan on zip-lining. My sister and her family are here for a couple weeks and this excursion is first on their list. My nieces can’t stop talking about it.

Zip-lining should be the country’s designated excursion. I’ll go as far as to say it should be printed on all Costa Rican flags and possibly their currency as well. When I sit and have coffee in Tamarindo, inevitably someone at a neighboring table is discussing all the fun they had while flying through the air on a cable. Continue reading “UPSIDE DOWN VIEW” »


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Cost Rica Cost Of Living Update: Adventure Tour at Rincon de la Vieja Park—$85/person

Last week I decided to go with a couple friends to explore Rincon de la Vieja National Park. It’s been on my bucket list since moving to Guanacaste, a place with unspoiled beauty and an abundance of wildlife. The drive alone was exciting with bumpy dirt roads one would expect to see in Costa Rica. I’ve said it before and it rings true each time I explore; the best places in Costa Rica are at the end of a dirt road. And sometimes that road will jostle every joint and tendon in your body. It was true for this one, so I knew there was something fabulous at the end. Continue reading “DON’T LOOK DOWN” »


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Costa Rica Cost of Living Update:                  Zip Line Tour $45/person

People shouldn’t be nervous when zip lining in Costa Rica.  Many companies have you tethered to an additional cable making it extra safe while flying through the jungle.  It’s one of the highlights of traveling to Costa Rica, getting up close and personal to the monkeys and sloths that make their home so high in the canopy.

It turns out the real hazard was this little guy, an extremely venemous yellow viper hiding in the brush on the ground. Their venom affects both the cardiovascular and nervous system.  Besides the distinct possibility of death, here is a bucket list of all the groovy things that can happen if you are unlucky enough to get bit by one: pain, necrosis leading to amputation, vomiting, and the mac daddy of all ailments…severe diarrhea rendering you unconscious.  I don’t know about you but if the diarrhea is that bad I’d rather be sleeping while it’s happening.

I took this shot and quickened my pace through the rain forest.  Zip lining was fun but not getting bit by a viper was priceless.