75 Degree WeatherCosta Rica Cost Of Living Update:  Heating and Air Conditioning Bill-  $0/month

Costa Rica has a number of different micro-climates.  You can live at the beach and have 90 degree weather or climb to higher altitudes to enjoy a cooler climate.  Where I live I get to enjoy 75 degrees all year round.

All my windows and doors are open allowing the fresh mountain air to sweep through. It’s a freeing feeling knowing the temperature in the house is the same as outside.

75 degrees does something wonderful to your brain.  I think every one of my great childhood memories is wrapped around a 75 degree day: my first leap off the high dive, fire flies and fireworks, climbing trees, and bicycles with banana seats.  A 75 degree day makes me remember when Mickey Goldstein was dared to eat Jimmy Zuchowitz’s booger.  A feat so heroic, Mickey was quickly elected to represent the 8 to 11 year old demographic at our playground.  I think Mickey is now a councilman for the city.

Childhood does not fly by fast to the young.  Those Saturdays were long and thoroughly exhausting.  It’s adulthood that goes quickly, leaving only a small trail of dust in its wake.

75 degrees has a way of making you remember the good times.  And why not remember them as often as possible?

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