Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: An entire roasted chicken from supermarket-$6.50

Someone stole my front license plate. Not the biggest deal but I know I will eventually get pulled over by the coppers. I know this because I’ve been pulled over by the coppers quite a few times.

Once we were stopped because my husband was not wearing his seat belt. As the officer was writing the ticket, a car came towards us in the other lane and we noticed a baby propped up on the dashboard licking the windshield.  The policeman smiled, waved them through, and handed us our ticket.

I am not an expert  in this field but I feel confident that a baby eating bugs off a windshield is worthy of a few driving violations. But who am I to criticize? I’m from a generation that never wore seat belts. Without these restraints, my sister and I got to enjoy those thrilling airborne moments after my dad slammed on the breaks; consequently,  enjoying those thrilling, crashing moments once we smacked into the vinyl bench seat. It’s amazing I still  have front teeth.

Anyway, this guy doesn’t seem too worried about getting a ticket. So I won’t be too worried about my license plate.