Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Price to fix the cheap alternator I bragged about on another post-to be determined

We are bringing in the car today. Since we had the alternator repaired, it makes a “weeeeeeee” sound everywhere we go. I don’t particularly want to get it fixed since it is a rather pleasant way to drive around. I feel like sticking my head out of the window it makes me so happy.

But alas, the man in the house says this is no good…we will break down. I think he is embarrassed by the sound, if it went “clank clank” or something equally as manly, we would probably be driving it around for the next 10 months.

This trip, I will insist on going to the mechanic in the daylight—you never know when a bay pit will sneak up on you. (If you are reading this my dear husband, I will be bringing that up for a long…long time. Wives have an incredible memory for the dopey things their husbands do.)