Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Cost of gas—$0 because gas station ran out

The gas station is out of gas. This has happened before, and one might think it would be a good idea to not allow our gas gauge to dip below a quarter of a tank. But my husband thinks that idea is ridiculous, and cars can go miles— perhaps cross country—when the empty tank light starts to blink.

Rob appears to have a fascination with how low he can get that little red indicator. Not long ago, we ran out of gas and had to buy some from a guy along the side of the road. The entrepreneur poured some mucky stuff out of a Coca-Cola bottle into our tank, which in retrospect, might have actually been Coca-Cola. But it did give us enough time to make it to a gas station.

So if worse comes to worse, I’ll just look for a someone selling soda along the side of the road.  Next time I’ll choose Pepsi, it might give us better mileage.