Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: Package of bacon—$5.60

It’s amazing how many cool people are out there doing really great things with their lives-like Natalie Sisson from the Suitcase Entrepreneur. I was approached by Natalie and for a podcast interview.

Ms. Sisson is quite the woman. Her writing is featured in, Huffington Post, and a dozen other sites. And if that wasn’t intimidating enough, she enjoys pastimes like riding her bicycle across Africa for charity (yes…the continent) or breaking records for Dragon Boating across the English Channel.

I, on the other hand, write blogs chronicling hot topics like my husband’s hernia surgery and my athletic endeavors include pouring coffee and watching howler monkeys outside my window.

Natalie is truly an inspiration to others and I’m excited that she chose me to interview. When I started writing my book, I had no idea of all the blessings that were in store for me.

I’m so grateful for them all.