Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 9-ounce bag of Sun Chips— $4.60 ( Should have bought the mangos)

A couple weeks ago, I met an incredible woman who was traveling with her daughter. After retiring from her job, Karen was looking for adventure and found it by jumping from hostel to hostel throughout Central America.

One of the best things about my journey is I get to meet people like this. Regardless of their age, they still have wanderlust in their blood and a desire to explore this planet with only a backpack and journal. This style of travel is not only for twenty-somethings folks. I’m running into more and more intrepid explorers that are trading in their Sam’s Club membership for a  one-way plane ticket.

Karen interviewed my husband and me for her website Living Without Permission. We sat on Tamarindo beach and watched the sunset while we compared our travel experiences. One of the things we both had in common was how much more sense the world becomes when you strip off the excesses in your life.  Without that filter, it’s as if your life is viewed through a very expensive camera lens … everything is in focus.

This all brings me to what my New Year’s resolution should be. Maybe it’s to meet more people like Karen. It could also be to stop buying Sun Chips. Other than that, I can’t imagine changing a thing.