Costa Rica Vacation

Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update: 2 used kayaks— $65 each

Living at the beach has its advantages; there are a lot of fun activities, one of which is kayaking out to the small islands that speckle the horizon. Some are as close as 600 feet from shore. There you will find great places to snorkel and excellent spots for relaxing while you toss your fishing line into the ocean.

Renting a kayak ranges from $10-$20 an hour, so we’ve been keeping an eye out for an affordable used pair. And boy did we score. A dive shop was selling a fleet of nine, which of course makes my husband consider his next business venture: Rob’s Kayaking Tours. Because on vacation, who wouldn’t want a guy originally from Brooklyn touring them around an estuary saying phrases like, “You want to see a  howler monkey? Fuh-ged-about-it.” Or my favorite, “Don’t be a doo-ta-doo and paddle into a crocodile.”

Luckily, he only bought two and neither were the inflatable kind. They are made of hard plastic and from what I can see they look fine… except for that fact that they didn’t come with seats or oars.

This hasn’t discouraged Rob since he insists a good sturdy stick will push us through the mangroves while doubling as a crocodile whacking device. I can only imagine how we would sell this to potential clients:

Welcome to Rob’s Kayaking Tours: Come out on one of our fifteen-year-old seatless, oarless kayaks and push yourself through the mangroves. Enjoy the close-up view of a crocodile’s mouth before beating him off with one of Rob’s hand crafted sticks! Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwiches included. Fug-ged-about-it.