Costa Rica Costa Of Living Update: 15 oranges— $2.50

Rob and I took a road trip the other day and visited Playa Ostional. The “arribada” was occurring and we didn’t want to miss the chance at seeing tens of thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles make their way from the sea to lay their eggs in the soft sand. It’s such an incredible sight that no matter how many times I witness it, my heart expands like a confetti ballon of happiness.

Even though we saw hundreds of turtles lay their eggs in the sand, we were one day too early for the official “arribada.” “We’ll come back next year,” I said to Rob as we were taking our last picture.

That’s when we noticed a mama turtle wrapped in a net. She must have swam into it years ago, the threads strangling her front limb. No one had a knife so Rob started tearing the net with his bare hands. He wouldn’t give up, and finally was able to free the poor animal.

When you are married, you can often forget the great qualities of your spouse. While watching Rob save this turtle, he once again became my boyfriend. The man I hopelessly fell in love with. The one who promised that even though he didn’t have any money, he was going to do big things with his life.

I’m glad we missed the “arribada.” By going a day early, we had the opportunity to take some suffering out of this world. And unexpectedly, I also got the chance to revisit my boyfriend… the one who, without a penny in his pocket, promised me the world.

(read more about Playa Ostional in one of my previous posts “The Turtles Are Coming” )

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Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier Than A Billionaire. Join her as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.
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16 Responses to ROB RESCUES A TURTLE

  1. Fraukje says:

    Tell Rob he’s my hero! And great camera work!!

  2. Mitch says:

    Nice to hear all the wonderful stories about Costa Rica but here’s a true Costa Rican story that will give some a reality check.

    I know a large number of americans and europeans who have been defrauded in Costa Rica. For those who have had any experience with the legal system there…criminal or civil. It is an absolute mess!

    It’s important to spread the word about lawyers, businessmen etc. in Costa Rica who are responsible for stealing from those coming in hopes of finding a bit of paradise. So I encourage all to copy the above blog to all those in Costa Rica.

  3. Barbara says:

    I just read this post. Amazing rescue! Thank you Rob.

  4. Tina says:

    We can totally relate as this is our turtle nesting season in Florida. We’ve rescued many ourselves from the same fate – and more often, quickly escorting the slower turtles crossing the roads around here. Can’t tell you how many were about 10 seconds away from becoming road kill. Poor things. Good job Rob!

  5. vince says:

    Rob is now my hero too. Thanks Rob!

  6. ERIKA says:

    Yay.. Thanks for being a hero that’s awesome

  7. Merry says:

    That poor turtle, the net was sure wrapped tight. This was awesome to watch and made my day! Rob was her guardian angel…I’m so glad you were there. Thanks for sharing, Nadine.

  8. Constance says:

    Moments like that, well, you know what I mean. Travel Well!

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