Costa Rican Cost of Living Update: 12-ounce jar of Smucker’s Orange Marmalade—$4.60

We are excited to release the first episode of our cooking/adventure show Building Up an Appetite! Enjoy Mardi Gras in Costa Rica, a tour of Flamingo, and a fun night dancing to Canadian Blues legend, Donnie Walsh, at Marie’s Restaurant.

We sit down with Donnie the day after the show for an incredible interview in which he discusses how he met Dan Aykroyd and became the inspiration for the famous Blues Brothers. We follow him on his journey to where he is today, living on the beach in Costa Rica.

My friend Ewa and I prepare a delicious meal while Rob and Donnie take a fishing trip to Playa Del Coco. While waiting for them to return, I whip up a delicious mango salad with fresh fruit picked right out of Ewa’s backyard. It’s one of the things I love most about living in Costa Rica, picking fresh fruit right off the trees.

This show is dear to our hearts and we can’t thank all the people who made it possible enough. Over the course of seven years living in Costa Rica, I have encountered many incredible things. I’m elated to have this moment to share some of them with you.

Over the next thirty minutes, you will see magnificent views, epic beaches, wild monkeys, toucans, coatis, and much, much more.

Will my husband catch any red snapper or just sink the boat? Watch the show now to find out!

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