Little Beach House

Costa Rica Cost of Living Update: Picking bananas from a tree in your backyard—free

When we first moved to Costa Rica eight years ago, we came with only a cat named Pumpkin, a dog named Clementine, and a couple battered suitcases. We rented a small guesthouse on top of a mountain in Grecia. Although there were challenges, we were happier than we had ever been before.

Rob started playing guitar and we both started working out again. During this decompression phase, I began writing about all of the funny things that were happening… and there were many. When one decides to quit their job and run away to a foreign country, you get roped into many ridiculous scenarios.

After emailing my stories to friends from an Internet cafe, I was encouraged to search for a publisher. However, all of my queries were met with the same response, “Great writing but no one is interested in a book about Costa Rica. Do you have anything about vampires?”

After the fifth rejection, my husband yelled out, “What do they know? We never needed anyone before so load it up to Amazon!”  I did and then CNN picked up our story. It was a moment in my life that I will definitely never forget.

Even though we are celebrating this next phase of our life by opening a bed and breakfast, we still have the same appreciation for simplicity. Renting part of my home is way less complicated than running two chiropractic practices, dealing with ever changing healthcare, and loads of paperwork.

Flamingo Sunset

There are a couple things different today. I absolutely need the Internet because it links me to all of you.  I have met so many wonderful people since writing Happier Than A Billionaire, that I now need a cool place for all of you to stay. Life is funny: my quest for a simpler life has led me to one. However, it looks nothing like I thought it would eight years ago.

We are happy to announce that The Happier House is up and running. It might be the perfect place for you to stay when venturing out in search of your own simpler life.